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Machu Picchu, Peru

Tapestry Virtual Tours

Experience the power of these 3D virtual tours from around the world

What is Tapesty?
Tapestry is a web-based storytelling platform that brings places to life, connecting users with the history, culture, and emotions that shape each location. Tapestry facilitates immersive exploration of a place by combining cutting-edge 3D modeling with story-driven narratives and people's lived experiences. Guided by a narrator and people connected to the site, Tapestry allows new opportunities for exploration through an emotionally resonant journey. Each Tapestry utilizes a high-resolution 3D model as a canvas for overlaying other structured narrative elements that create a sense of place including ambient audio, archival imagery, and interviews.

Build Place-Based Experiences with Tapestry

Tapestry is brought to you by CyArk, a nonprofit organization committed to unlocking the power of 3D technology to make the world's cultural heritage accessible to new audiences and future generations. CyArk helps reach and engage new audiences with stories that celebrate our cultural heritage. Unlock a new level of engagement by integrating a Tapestry virtual experience into the presentation of your heritage site, monument or historic place. Learn more about Tapestry.